Expense Receipt Management


Need a flawless billing system? Get Expense Receipt management

Do you face problem with the billing process? Do you think you want to make the expense billing process fraud free? Are there relevant proofs of the expenses made by your employees? These questions must be hovering in your mind every now and then. Here, I have a very simple solution to it. You can now ask your employees to scan expense receipts.

This way you will be able to track all expenses made by them. Moreover, the entire system will become fraud free. All expenditure made by your employee will have a back-up proof. So, now how to scan expense receipt? That’s so simple.

One can upload the invoice via email, smart phone, webcam, scanner or a fax to capture the picture. It can be used as referral in the future as well. Any comments can be added to the receipt too. The interesting thing about receipt management is that you can attach receipts to an expense report using your smart phone devices.

You might ask your employees to provide any description for the expense for better understanding. Like, a car rental by an employee on clients visit is approved by your company. When he attaches the invoice for car rental, he can put in a comment like “Car Rental”. This will provide a quick understanding for all.

Thinking of affordable expense receipt management software? Here I come with great news for you. I found SutiExpense, online expense report software which allowed me to manage travels requests, expense reports, receipts and reimbursements in one place. Why late. Go grab it and run business smoothly!